ISHA-Turku is a Finnish ishasection of the International Students of History Association, also known as ISHA. ISHA is a non-governmental organization which aims to provide an international forum and a channel of discussion for students of history and related sciences. Its main goal is to create interaction between people and thus bring about intellectual conversation and debate. ISHA has annual international seminars organized by different ISHA sections in various countries. These seminars address historical topics and are open for participation. ISHA membership is available for students from all disciplines and backgrounds with an interest in history and historical science. For more information, go to ISHA International website.

ISHA-Turku consists of five student associations based in Turku: Kritiikki, P-klubi, Vare and F-piste from University of Turku and Kleio from Åbo Akademi University. The different associations cover a wide range of different subjects but they all share interest in history and international co-operation of university students. Members of Kritiikki study general hiishaturkustory, Finnish history and cultural history. Kleio is their Swedish-speaking counterpart. P-klubi consists of students of contemporary history and political science. Vare is the association of archeology students and F-piste that of gender studies. We also welcome all exchange students and international students to our events!

ISHA-Turku aims to offer its members opportunities to interact with and within the ISHA community both globally and in Finland. We organize lectures and seminars for our members and inform them of upcoming ISHA seminars. Co-operation with the other Finnish ISHA section, ISHA-Helsinki, is of great importance. We also organize more casual and easygoing events simply to help the member student associations to bond with one another and have fun. Welcome to ISHA-Turku!

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