For International Students


International Students of History Association (ISHA) is a non-governmental organization which aims to provide an international forum and a channel of discussion for students of history and related sciences. Its main goal is to create interaction between people and thus bring about intellectual conversation and debate.

ISHA as organization has over 50 different sections located in different universities all over Europe where local sections organize activities to their members and at the same time participate in international cooperation in the form of seminars and conferences. ISHA-Turku is one of those sections.


Locations of Member Associations

Kritiikki ry: Rehtoripellonkatu 4B 20500 Turku 2nd floor

P-Klubi ry: Rehtoripellonkatu 4B 20500 Turku 2nd floor

Kutu ry: Kaivokatu 12 20014 Turku Minerva E116 1st floor

Vare ry: Kauppiaskatu 4 20100 Turku (Cosmic Café)

Kleio rf: no current location. Contact via email:

F-Piste ry: no current location. Contact via email:


Kuvahaun tulos haulle yo talo b turku

Kritiikki and P-Klubi’s offices are located in the student building complex in the picture. Door to the B-side of the building can be found on the backside of the building.

Map toimisto

  1. Kritiikki ry and P-Klubi ry’s offices
  2. Kutu ry’s office
  3. Vare ry’s office and a local bar Cosmic Café